YBI Sales Gallery

San Francisco CA


4,000 Square Feet


15 Weeks


BDE Architects/Meyer Davis Design


The YBI Sales Gallery was built inside of a beautiful, old San Francisco building that had some significant structural complications. Luckily our team was able to come up with some great solutions to make it structurally sound and transform the space into what it is today.

Previously a FedEx storefront, this residential showroom beautifully displays the interior of the homes at the Yerba Buena Island Residences.

This space features an impressive Media Room that was built by combining (9) 36-inch TVs that were ganged together to create one large picture for continuous looping of the showroom’s informational video.

Along with the Media Room, this space includes a Podium Salon, Townhouse Salon, Wellness/Amenities area, a Library/Conference Room, and a Guest Restroom to match the finishes that will be used in the new Yerba Buena homes.

If you’re in the market, or in the neighborhood, stop by and check out this stunning space!

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