our communities are the real foundation

The San Francisco Bay Area isn’t just built of concrete, wood and steel, our communities are the real foundation and GCI takes this to heart, striving to support programs designed to inspire, support and lift up those who represent the true infrastructure and soul of the Bay Area.

This year we’re looking forward to finding new ways to give back — to those who’ve not only helped make San Francisco and its surrounding cities so unique but who will surely continue to make the SF Bay Area one of the most exceptional places in the world to call home.

The Sandcastle Classic is the biggest sandcastle competition in Northern California where teams of architects, engineers, contractors, designers, corporations, and local elementary school students work together to build giant sand sculptures.

Canstruction is a local charity event featuring structures made by teams of volunteers, youth groups and/or contractors. All structures are made entirely out of cans of food and all food is donated to local hunger relief organizations.

Our Founding Story

The history of our company plays an important role in GCI’s passion for building and the community, so we’d like to share with you, our founding story.

Construction of the Transamerica Pyramid Building in San Francisco, 1969

“As a child, I watched the 49ers at Kezar Stadium and the Giants at Candlestick Park. San Francisco is in my blood. My father was a commercial building developer and property manager and I remember as a youngster in the 1970s, visiting his office on the 42nd Floor of 44 Montgomery Street and being blown away by the views. I admired his company and thought to myself, “I want to have my OWN company someday.”

Every summer I worked in his office, filing papers and collating documents on the floor because there weren’t any copy machines back then. Fast forward 20 years and I made the decision to take the plunge myself, getting my contractor’s license and working out of my home in Belmont. But this isn’t where I started out. No, I started at ground level at construction firm “Dinwiddie,” climbing my way up from the bottom by doing odd jobs like answering phones and collecting mail until I eventually became a project manager and estimator. By the time I started GCI, 10 years later, I knew every position in a construction company from head to toe.

I love the people at our company, my colleagues, our vendors, and clients. Our motto is that we want to be in business for 100 years and with this attitude as our guiding light, we’re sure to make a lot of the right decisions and continue to build a strong, healthy company that helps our local San Franciscans and the greater Bay Area .”

– Pete Goldsmith, Founder