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  • Meet the team behind GCI’s lab work
  • Our approach to a successful project
  • Why we love what we do
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Earth Day Sustainability Tips
  • Learn about the impact of construction and everyday habits on our oceans, forests, and climate
  • Get practical tips for reducing your impact through simple lifestyle changes
  • Find out what GCI is doing to help protect our planet

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Top 5 Jobsite COVID Safety Tips
  • GCI’s Safety Manager shares our biggest lessons learned during COVID
  • Tips for team communication and smooth jobsite check-in
  • How you can leverage what we’ve learned on your projects

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Life Science Overview
  • Quick Stats on GCI’s Life Science capabilities
  • Meet our Labs & Life Science experts
  • Contact us to see how we can support your next project

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  • Step-by-step process for securing a permit in Mountain View
  • What you need to include in your application
  • Includes contact information and links to critical forms

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  • See how we’re operating safe jobsites during COVID
  • Our efficient and effective check-in process
  • The steps we take to maintain a safe environment onsite
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San Francisco Permitting Cheat Sheet
  • 5 Tips for securing an OTC permit in San Francisco
  • How to navigate the process during COVID
  • Includes links to critical forms and guidelines

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How to Keep Your Jobsites Productive and Safe
  • 5 tips for project managers running projects during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • The most important pieces of communication you need
  • How to get subcontractors bought into your plan

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COVID-19 Cost Impacts Impacts on Commercial Construction
  • The top 4 financial considerations of resuming work
  • Includes percentage ranges for anticipated cost impacts
  • We’re here to help and discuss what this might mean for your project

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COVID-19 Virtual Roundtable
  • A seasoned team discusses their experience running projects during COVID-19
  • Perspectives from the office and the field
  • Top lessons learned on navigating the new normal
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Work-from-Home Wellness Tips
  • Developed by GCI’s Sustainability & Wellness Team
  • Tips to help anyone work more effectively from home
  • Supports physical, mental, and emotional well-being

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