120 8th Street


22,000 sq. ft.


14 Weeks




The project took a cold shell structure from a hazardous material state into a prototype manufacturing space to highlight Quirky’s dedication to American manufacturing. The project included a full prototyping wood shop with a dust collection system, a fixed axis CNC machine, two industrial-grade 3-D printers, an injection molder, electrical engineering lab, a reflow oven, and other manufacturing equipment to build products selected by public vote.

The team structurally upgraded the first floor for the new equipment loads by removing the existing flooring in one large section, pouring a new slab, and reinstalling the flooring in the same large section to prevent a patched look, maintaining the historic integrity of the space. As a result of the quantity and type of equipment, the project demanded a significant amount of electrical, water and compressed air infrastructure, all guided by GCI’s project management team.

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