3100 San Pablo Ave


411,000 sq. ft.


72 weeks




For this complex facility and confidential client, GCI was tasked with modernizing the existing mechanical, electrical, plumbing, security, life safety, and telecom infrastructures. Working with Syska Hennesey (Engineer of Record), the local utility (PG&E) and Applicant by Design Engineer (Sunshine Engineering), GCI supported a complete electrical and mechanical infrastructure upgrade.  Electrical upgrades consisted of a new 600A 12kV service, three (3) new 4000A single-ended substations and downstream power distribution. Installation of the new service required a complex approach to power cut-overs to support both space allocation for new equipment while maintaining continuity for existing tenants.

Mechanical upgrades included demolition and replacement of existing CW, CHW and HHW piping on all floors and within mechanical shafts and installation of two (4) new 105-ton Trane rooftop package units with preheat coils, four (4) Mitsubishi outside air cooled condensing units and fifteen (15) exhaust fans (up to 8000 CFM). Infrastructure upgrades also included modification to existing Edwards fire alarm system and installation of a new ALC Building Management System enabled with BACnet communication protocol to interface with new mechanical equipment. 210 Zurn Roof drains were added to the existing 3rd floor and tower roofs and GCI constructed a complex biofiltration system which is used to filter the rainwater collected in these drains before it is piped into the city sewers.


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