Confidential Pharmaceutical Client

San Francisco


35,000 square feet


FPB Architects


This confidential pharmaceutical client is a leader in R&D research for dermatology products and came to GCI when they needed to expand. As an essential business, they were operational during Shelter in Place, so careful coordination and strict safety management were critical to keeping the project on track (and everyone safe).

By developing a temporary air system, GCI was able to keep their lab operational while HVAC upgrades were performed throughout the entire space. A phasing plan was developed in conjunction with the facilities team, with certain areas prioritized based on the work being performed in the lab. Because most of the lab equipment is calibrated and easily affected by dust, the team had to be meticulous about dust control, particularly when conducting extensive overhead work.

Thanks to the team’s diligent planning and stringent COVID measures, GCI was able to increase the client’s lab space by over 30% and expand their available office space – all without disrupting daily operations.

The project included the addition of a BMS system that integrated with the new HVAC equipment and allowed monitoring of the lab and GMP spaces, as well as 29 AC units and 7 exhaust fans. Lab spaces included a Formulations Lab, Formulations Yellow Room, Analytical Lab, Organic Synthesis Lab, ASD Yellow Room, and R&D Manufacturing Suite.

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