ClimateWorks Foundation


25,000 sq. ft.


15 weeks each phase


Leddy Maytum Stacy


Phase 1
LEED-CI Platinum (v2.0)
U.S. Green Building Council

Phase 2
LEED-CI Platinum (v2009)
U.S. Green Building Council

IIDA Northern California 2010 Honor Awards: Merit Award: GIVE Category


ClimateWorks Foundation is dedicated to mobilizing philanthropy to solve the climate crisis and wanted their offices to serve as a model for sustainable building and reducing carbon emissions. Working closely with ClimateWorks and their architect (Leddy Maytum Stacy), GCI transformed the 13th floor of the landmark Russ Building into one of the GREENEST commercial interiors in the world, ultimately earning the highest LEED point total in California.

The renovation, completed in two phases, reduced the energy normally required for heating and cooling by two-thirds and the energy required for lighting by one-third. We used highly sustainable materials, reclaimed woods from local sources, and products with high levels of recycled content throughout, and even created a room-length fountain inspired by a creek to enhance the open, natural feel of the office. The project received LEED-CI Platinum certification for both phases. For Phase 1, every LEED point attempted was achieved. Upon completion, Phase 1 earned the highest LEED point total in California and the third-highest anywhere under LEED-CI (v2.0). Phase 2 earned the highest LEED point total in San Francisco under LEED-CI (v2009) at the time it was completed.

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