YouTube 900, 901, 1000 Cherry St.



Huntsman Architectural Group


901 Cherry
LEED-CI Platinum (v2009)
U.S. Green Building Council

900 Cherry
LEED-CI Gold (v2009)
U.S. Green Building Council


YouTube selected GCI to construct their first Cherry Street project at 901 Cherry. It included a renovation of their 2nd floor (75,000 square feet) which achieved LEED-CI Platinum (v2009). A year later, GCI and Huntsman Architectural Group teamed up for the full building renovation of the LEED-CI Gold (v2009) project, 900 Cherry. 1000 Cherry followed shortly thereafter with a full building renovation as well. Subsequent projects have included the renovation of their main event space and Café as well as the Brand Lab Executive Conference room.



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