22 4th Street


7 weeks




This 7 week project at 22 4th Street in San Francisco can be summed up in three words: efficiency, capacity, and maintenance—better efficiency, increased capacity, and decreased maintenance (okay 7 words).  The installation of new base building equipment at 22 4th Steet in San Francisco increased operational efficiency, decreased maintenance requirements, and added diversity and capacity to the existing space. The equipment upgrades project was executed under the constraints of an occupied building and 24/7 call centers; two crane picks were executed in downtown San Francisco with adjacent full time hotels, parking structures, and various other neighbors and tenants.

The scope included replacing two (2) boilers, (2) chillers, the cooling tower, associated pumps, VFDs, installation of new liquid solid separators, and the replacement of the return and supply joy fans with a state of the art return and supply fan wall system. Associated scope included structural upgrades, code compliancy, integration into the new ALC DDC system, new MCC, and a new roofing system.

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